A-Z service

  • Single Point of Contact for all queries and requests
  • You can reach out to us for a tailored automated drone solution
  • Any mission. Any plan. Any problem.

National network of drone pilots

  • You have national coverage with the IIAP drone pilot network. They live From Ypres to Luxembourg.
  • We pick the pilots with the right competences based on our competence matrix.
  • We train pilots to your workflow.

Efficient drone workflows

We organise and automate the entire workflow to your needs and provide you with an online asset management tool that gets you in control. You can check and evaluate the status of the project at any time. This is an overview of a workflow:

  • Preflight
    • Project management, client input
    • Legal check
    • Legal exemption if needed
    • follow-up weather and conditions
    • Legal flight prep
    • Dedicated pilot training
  • Flight
    • Drone pilot with the right competence (photography, land survey, thermography, video, inspection, …) and the required skill level.
    • Dedicated checklist
    • Dispatch & logistics
    • Data upload to server
  • Post flight
    • Data ingest
    • Postproduction
      • Photography
      • Photogrammetry
      • Video
      • Thermography
      • Land survey
      • Inspection
    • Evaluation & correction
    • Delivery

Quality Assurance

  • We want 100% client satisfaction.
  • Guaranteed quality through price-scaled references
  • Dedicated startup power

Asset Management

  • (Re-)View all your drone inspections easily through our application
  • We generate highly automated & dedicated workflow

  • The regulations around drones activity in Belgium are strict and often it takes energy, time and costs to get legal permission to fly.
  • IIAP flies 100% legal and invests in the relationships with the authorities in Brussels through pro-active communication.
  • The client can always rely on the fact that an IIAP flight is a legal flight.


The drone-plugin for corporate business