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advice on your IT challenges.

Team as a service

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Our IT Solutions

Data Visualisation

You have gathered certain data, but you need a tool to make it work?

Data Processing

Raw data is not that useful, but we can help to digest the information from it.


Designing new processes is great, but once you automate them it becomes awesome.

Application creation

Do you need a web or mobile application to support your business?

Leads generation

Sometimes leads are hiding in plain sight. You just need to build a little tool to mine them.

Artificial Intelligence

Do you need to process data from images? Classify documents? Extract data? Often a AI-based tool can help with such challenges


Javascript / Node.js

Our teams prefer to work with the vibrant Javascript ecosystem. One language to rule them all.

React / React Native

Created by teams at Facebook, loved by developers worldwide. A great UI framework for component-based development.

Meteor / Cordova / Electron

A full-stack framework that allows us to create web, mobile and desktop applications from one codebase.


A relatively new way to create APIs. One of the major advantages is that once the APIs are designed you can query data for various different applications with minimal requests.


A serverless architecture allows you to quickly set-up small or big applications which can scale to the masses.

Jest / Cypress

Javascript-Test, or simply jest. It’s a tool that makes it convenient to test your javascript functions. Cypress allows us for easy end-2-end testing.

Prettier / ESLint

All our code is constantly (re-)formatted with prettier, it makes sure that all our developers write code in the same styling. Our team also uses ESLint to avoid bugs.

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